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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tips from our Trainer to prepare for your new baby

Congratulations you just found out your expecting a new bundle of joy! What exciting news, a new addition to the family!

Wait....don't forget about Rufus. How do you think the furry family member will take to the new baby? Let's find is the best time to make those changes that you want to make. Here are some tips that will help make the transition easier.

Change any rules now that you want to change when baby arrives (ie they are allowed on the couches now but when baby comes I don't want them up.). If the rules are well in place before baby then it's not baby that has caused these new rules.

Go to Walmart and buy that $20 super annoying crying baby doll and carry it around the house. The dogs may be ubber interested but better to get them accustomed to it now rather the later. Put crying/giggle baby in the swing, the high chair etc.

Set the swing in motion this alone can scare them. Get them used to that motion as they may want to smell it etc and it will bonk them and bang them and the swing will stop etc.

Go for silly walks with the dogs and stroller. Often dogs are scared of the stroller so to get them used to walking beside/with it before you are juggling baby too.

Boxers are great with kids and will love the new baby. You will find that your Boxer will be best of friends with his new brother/sister. However the sooner you start implementing the new rules the better! Good luck and all the best with the new bundle of joy!

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