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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Maggie - Mange puppy update

Hi Sheri!

Maggie is doing great - we have been having so much fun with her. Guinness has gotten used to her, and they are too funny - they nap on the floor together every day while I'm working. Also, Guinness' separation anxiety seems to have gotten a little better since we've been crating them together.

I've attached a photo of them having their first bath together last night - neither were happy but they look soo cute! We talked to Kurt from Metro and he recommended some shampoo and skin lotion for her to help guard against the mange. Also, we are going to start giving her immune supplements as well. I'm a little worried about her weight, she is growing so much and is still very thin - but I'm sure that I'm just being a paranoid mom and she'll fill out soon. We will keep you posted with her progress. If the shampoo, etc from Metro works as well as they say it should I'll forward you the info to send to the families of the other mange puppies. If you talk to Chantel you can assure her that our contract and payment is on the way, we were procrastinating but it is in the mail now :)

Talk to you soon.


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