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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Hi Shannon,
I was just thinking of you the other day. We go on a 3 mile walk every nite and she walks along like a princess. She never tries to leave the yard , doesn't chew on anything like pups can do; she is just perfect! She is so mild and quiet and she is even submissive to the other dogs
even though she is growing like a weed, she is attached to our littlelest pup Rudy, she whines if she cant find him. They sleep together all the time. We use the dog door and she hasn't had to be kenneled after she was here approx a month.

She did get a bladder infection but that was cleared up with a visit to the vet. I think she is weighs 40lbs now. She has such very long legs. I registered the avid to our address. Millie curls up with the grandkids when they take a nap on the couch; actually she thinks she is still a lap dog even though she is getting very big. She comes running when I get home and never jumps on you; just wiggles and wiggles.

She saw a cow tonite on our walk and wanted to go play. The only time she got a little scared on a walk was when approx 10 motorcyles came riding up our quiet little road, she was not so sure about them but she just went
behind my legs and watched.

Again, she is wonderful! Thanks again. She is gorgeous and we just love her. She has sure helped filled the void left
when bell passed away. I can cook dinner and we will sit down to eat and she will just go curl up on her bed and watch. She has very good manners. We did not have to work on the begging issue very long, she picked up what we wanted.


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