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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Zeus Update (Adopted July 2009)

Hi Jennifer,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but life has been a bit crazy busy lately! I am happy to report that Zeus is doing well and is as close to perfect as you can get! I was going to say that He no longer goes in Chris' laundry room, but as I was writing this email, he peed right beside Chris in the laundry room! But he is getting better at telling us when its time to go out or if he is hungry. He is very attached to both me and Chris and I think he gets a little depressed with Chris and I arent together. We have discovered that he is a hoarder, and gathers things when we are not home, puts them in a little pile and lays beside them. He never destroys them (except a remote control and a sugar bowl).

We have been going to the dog park and he is great there. He is not big on toys or a ball, but he loves just to run with the other dogs and play. Little dogs do not like him and try to beat him up... and he lets them, he is so submissive it is hilarious! He also has a girlfriend, a golden lab/pitbull cross named Losi. She is a friend's dog and they played, kissed and snuggled yesterday. I have attached a pic of them.

We are signed up for training classes at RocketDog, starting September 20th for 6 weeks. He is great on a leash until he sees another dog, so it is good that this class is with 3 other dogs. I found that Acana food is best for him, as everything else gives him the runs. He likes his wire crate at my house but HATES his plastic crate at Chris'. It is the one he arrived in so I think he gets scared.

We will be coming to the boxer BBQ, so I will see you there!

Lauren (& Zeus)

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