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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Update from TJ (BRLAs Tejon - Adopted Feb. 2009)

and good spring morning to you...

Yes, indeed TJ is getting better all the time. Recently as the snow was melting, he learned that snow was actually frozen water and so stopped to eat chunks of it. He still thinks that there is a shortage of water so he would run away (over all of the snow) with his chunk, afraid he would not have enough. He no longer thinks that.

For the most part, he has stopped peeing in the house, although he still has accidents on occasion. We found that putting him on his leash and tying him to one of us worked. Of course, when we were sitting on the couch, that rapidly became TJ sitting on the couch with us. So now every night, he snuggles on the couch with me. I rub his belly, and he makes little grunting noises. We find that in the evening is when he pees. He does not like his crate, but Penny, our other dog, does.

Outside, he doesn't respond to his name so we are registered in obedience classes later this month.

He had a first last week while walking with my husband. He caught his first gopher- I'm glad I was not there. My husband said he walked around with his gopher in his mouth with his head high and was very proud. Now my husband has created a monster, because that is all TJ wants to do. He goes to the door 30 minutes after having come in and cries to go out.

He LOVES my nieces and nephews. He LOVES our cats and feels the need to kiss them all the time. They don't like it. TJ is still afraid of stairs- perhaps it has something to do with his bad leg so he has not gone upstairs to our loft or down stairs into the basement. He is very cute and very sweet.

We are happy and love him very mich. Thank you.

When we have pictures, I will send you some- without gophers.


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