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Monday, September 17, 2007

Libby (WBBR/BRLA Alumni)

Hi Chantelle,

Libby has celebrated another anniversary with our family. It was five years ago September 1st that you brought her to me. She is still doing very well although in the past few months she has shown some signs of her age. Libby is quite deaf now, she hears clapping or banging but can't hear us calling her even when we are right behind her. She's limping badly on her back leg especially after laying down for a while and I think she is losing her eyesight. Despite all that she is still the most wonderful dog, she loves to go for walks and play with the kids and she will still chase the cat at any opportunity. As you can see from the pictures the old girl is really grey but she still has a lot of sparkle in her eyes. As always I love her more and more all the time, thank you again for bringing this amazing girl in to our family.


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