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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Coda (aka Mona Lisa)-Update! WBBR/BRLA Alumni
Thought it’s been a long time since we chatted, thought it would be nice to update you on Coda (aka Mona Lisa) Coda was adopted to us Chris and Corinne of Chilliwack a couple years ago. She is PACKED full of personality, she still sleeps on “HER” couch, says Mama when she wants something and she’s not getting it. She wasn’t taught that either just her way of getting my attention or anyone else’s. She is the sweetest dog you’ll ever find, she is just full of surprises. She LOVES swimming, and most boxer lovers just think it’s amazing she loves water. She is wonderful!!
One day when our old dog passes away we will adopt another boxer.
Take Care,
Corinne and Chris

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