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Monday, May 9, 2011

Gretta Update - Finally Home

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for getting in touch. We are all doing well, especially Gretta. She's snoozing next to me right now. We think she's absolutely wonderful and charming, plus she's a great fit for our lives. She's been enjoying our weekend hikes, so we're looking forward to more in the summer. We've taken her to the beach twice, she loves visiting my parents' house (on 55 acres) with us, and she is popular at our frequent dinner parties.

I was at an artist residency for the month of March in the Cascade Mountains, and I was able to bring Gretta with me. It snowed almost the entire time, and she had so much fun. We hiked a few times a week.

Gretta's health seems very good--her vet says we picked a gem, but we already knew that.

We are very happy with Gretta and she is very content to be part of our family. We really appreciate all of the people from WBBR who made it possible for us to adopt her. I'm attaching some photos.

I hope you guys and your pup are doing well,

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