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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Going for Car Rides with Zeus - Adopted from BRLA July 2009

Hey Jennifer,
Just wanted to give you an update on my boy! He is all better now and over his kennel cough. He unfortunately also had a sinus infection and looked like the kid in elementary school who constantly had boogers running down his face! He also had the remnants of an old ear mite infection, so he is on meds for that too. He is currently sleeping on the floor beside me as he went on a big hike with his dad today and is very sleepy. He is starting obedience training on Sept 20th with RocketDog Training. We are starting before the training with basic treat training when he sees other dogs while out on a walk, as he gets overly excited. I have discovered that he enjoys sleeping behind my driver's chair while in the car, rather than on the back seat. He looks rather silly as he barely fits in there. Other than that, nothing much is new. I have attached a couple pictures of him just being a dog and one of him sleeping in the car.

Take care!


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